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Most dealers approach bringing on dealers with “ we work to make you succeed “ or “ we work with our dealers to grow their business”. But does this actually happen or do you get a welcome package and a quota and your on your own?

Security has been an ever changing industry and everything from go to market strategies to installations change regularly. A quick call once a month to see if you “ need anything” isn’t setting up you up for success, rather a never ending uphill climb that ends up reactive instead of proactive in your approach.

What Sets our dealer program apart;

From filling your funnels, to hitting quotas, signing the deal, installing the system. And then servicing the account, we are there every step of the way. We will work with you on current marketing trends, go to market strategies, dealer special pricing, tech training seminars, and we can also take care of invoicing, paperwork and service scheduling as well. We are setup to truly assist in as much or as little of your business as you want, because at the end of the day, this is your business and you run your business the best way you see fit. We are there, when you need us as our main goal is to provide any and every tool possible to make your business work for you.

Our +30 years in the industry have given us a great amount of buying power, insight into the business and we have the tools and knowledge to pass along to make your business a strong successful one.

Why Guardian

Brand is nothing without reputation and visa versa. There a bunch of large companies across the globe that are well known companies but in some cases, they are known for the wrong reasons. There as also a lot of small businesses out there that succeed on reputation alone and word of mouth is what keeps them busy. We are bringing both to the table. we also partner with the biggest names in security . Say the name and people automatically have heard of them. With that comes our dealer name GUARDIAN ADVANCED SOLUTIONS that has established roots in many parts of Canada and when looking up reviews you can see we have proven time and time again, we excel in providing the best customer care out there.

ON top of bringing the a big name company , our dealer program also offers a very innovative, very advanced video monitoring solution that now gives us the ability to offer our dealers something alot of other companies cannot. With our partnership with one of the most advanced Live video monitoring companies in the industry, We are bringing a new way to sell monitored video solutions that will position you to be a leader in the video monitoring segments, reach more customers and in turn make more money. Video monitoring is the future of security. Customers are looking to stop crime before it happens. We are there with one the video industries most advanced LIVE VIDEO solutions out there and you will now be able to offer this.

I WANT TO SELL & INSTALL. Servicing customers & paperwork are not my thing

If you are looking to have a business where your sole responsibility is to sell security and then install it, we have you covered. Paperwork, if not setup correctly, can be time consuming & so can answering call after call of service related situations when you really start bringing on customers. Event though we do offer training on these things and can get you all setup with how and what to do, this part may just be that one area of the business you don’t want to do. With our dealer program we can take care of the paperwork from signing the customer up, to doing up the contract, to scheduling the job and even take service requests on your behalf. The great part is we can setup a service call for you without you having to stay on the phone finding out the issue and guess what, YOU STILL GET PAID TO DO THAT TICKET. Every customer you bring on has potential to continue to pay for your services after the installation. Not many in the dealer world can say that.

Our Services

This is one of favourite things about being a Guardian Advanced Solutions dealer. You sell what works for the customer. We allow you to customize and actually design systems that work within the customers budget. Gone is the need to sell only one type of panel or one type of package. We feel that every customer is different and so are our dealers. How can you run a successful business when your product is one that someone else picked and said, this is what we use, now go sell it. Not here, not with us. You going a call and and your customer choose what’s best, Not someone who has never been to the site or talked to the customer. With that being said, we do provide pricing for equipment for any equipment you are looking to use and we are more than willing to help you make packages, but the decision is ultimately yours.

We offer the following services

  • home automation
  • smart home solutions
  • business security
  • residential security
  • environmental monitoring
  • fire monitoring
  • CCTV
  • Card Access
  • Live video monitoring
  • and more