Home Security Systems Manitoba

Home Alarm Systems

Real security without sacrificing quality or control.

When you need to protect your home, a security system is an excellent investment. We provide top-of the line systems from well known manufactures for peace of mind that every area within range will be protected 24 hours per day with emergency services on call should anything happen!

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Environmental Protection Systems Lorette

Environmental Protection

We want to make fire and flood protection easy for you at no additional cost

Every system we provide can have our environmental protection services added to it. Smoke, carbon monoxide and extreme temperatures are all possible for monitoring with no change in monthly fees.

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Remote Control Systems Lorette

Remote Control

Just because you aren't there doesn't mean you need to be in the dark

Your ever changing schedule can make it hard to come home at the best time, wouldn't you like your house ready for when you do?
Guardian advanced solutions offers a full suite of devices that will allow you to control your smart home technologies from your mobile devices.

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Video Solutions Lorette

Video Solutions

Watch over the things you care about most

With our video solutions you are never more than a few clicks away from seeing what’s happening in, or outside, your home, even when you are thousands of miles away. Our products will notify you when someone is at the door and allow you to stream live, or watch recorded events all on your mobile, or web enabled devices.

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