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Saving you time and money while keeping your business secure is our goal. 


Keep your business safe

Door protection, sirens, and interior traps are all part of your basic security systems. We provide top of the line security systems from well known manufactures. We also would hope to deter the would be intruder before they actually get to the point of setting off the alarm and that's why all of our systems come with signs and stickers that can be placed around your business to make the possible intruder think twice before attempting to break in.

Using Keycard


Door security and modern data collection

Card access is a multi purpose tool that simplifies your security. Not only can it guard your building from intruders, it also allows you to view when employees are in the building or not, time when specific entrances open and close, and logs how much time someone takes for breaks. All this data compiled in one location make card access the perfect investment every business should take advantage of. Being pro-active about safety will both protect your company's property and keep you safe from liability if something were to happen.


High-quality video CCTV systems for businesses

Your ever changing schedule can make it hard to come home at the best time, wouldn't you like your house ready for when you do? 

Guardian advanced solutions offers a full suite of devices that will allow you to control your smart home technologies from your mobile devices.



Watch over the things you care about most

With our video solutions you are never more than a few clicks away from seeing what’s happening in, or outside, your home, even when you are thousands of miles away. Our products will notify you when someone is at the door and allow you to stream live, or watch recorded events all on your mobile, or web enabled, device.


Business hours:
Monday - Friday: 8am-8pm.
Sat/Sun: Closed

Lorette, MB, Canada

204-250-7510 or 204-878-0061 ( sales & service)

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