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Live Video Monitoring

Where the power of AI & Humans come together
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Live video monitoring can be a good solution for businesses because it allows for real-time observation of activities and can help deter criminal activity, ensure compliance with company policies and procedures such as proper PPE onsite and verifying hours, and provide valuable insights for process improvement. It can also increase employee and customer safety and provide evidence in the event of an incident or dispute; We always say " cameras are your eyes in the sky,  our video monitoring opens them" . 
















Analytics-Driven Monitoring

Artificial intelligence-driven analytics identify threats and send alarms to a live Guardian Monitoring agent, who then inspects the live camera feed, often identifying threats before damage occurs. Our agent can then perform a live talk-down intervention on the property to prevent damage and escalate any video-verified emergencies to local authorities. 


Continuous Patrol

Guardian Monitoring live patrols all designated cameras, continuously touring through site views to monitor for criminal activity and risks

— escalating any identified emergencies to proper personnel and intervening live as needed.


Scheduled Patrol

Guardian Monitoring performs scheduled patrols of all designated cameras at agreed upon intervals to monitor for criminal activity and risks.


Forensic Review and Incident Reporting

Upon request, Guardian Monitoring forensic team investigates camera recordings to assist with incident documentation and reporting. Monitors provide video link, photos, and incident write-up pursuant to Customer template


Virtual Gate/Front-Desk Attendant

Guardian Monitoring agents can serve as virtual attendants, respond live to call boxes and remotely unlock doors and gates to ensure your personnel, vendors, tenants or customers always have a live friendly voice to assist them at access points.


911 Center Integration

Guardian Monitoring can integrate your client's systems with local participating 911 centers so that authorities have direct access to view or download footage from approved cameras when needed.


Illegal Dumping

How much is illegal dumping costing your client's community? Guardian reduces these instances using predictive analytics and live talk- down interventions that foil perpetrators caught in the act.


in most cases we can integrate with your existing system as well. 


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